Recommissioning progresses (Dec 2019)

FAIR LADY was designed by Eldredge McInnis, Boston (USA) for the Canadian Senator William Fraser in 1928 and built in 1929 by Ditchburn Boats in their shipyard at Gravenhurst, Ontario. By her -expected- relaunch date, she will turn 91 in July 2020.

Thanks to the expert hands and craftsmanship of the team at Loyalist Cove Marina, FAIR LADY is now given a new lease of life. From hull to decks, no time nor expenses have been spared to ensure we will bring her back into her original condition.

Below are some pictures of the current state of affairs, rightly showing the wonderful progresses accomplished since July 2019.

The restoration is documented on a dedicated page here.

We would like to give a special thank you to Peter Milley, Esq., from Privateer Yacht Sales for keeping always an open and sharp eye on the restoration progresses, to South Seas Merchants Mariners LP for their assistance on the legal aspects of classic yacht ownership and to the team of Loyalist Cove Marina for their exceptional dedication, professionalism and unique craftsmanship.

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