Recommission begins

Restoring a classic yacht

Since her launch in 1929, FAIR LADY has remained pretty untouched and has been lovingly preserved by her successive owners. However, after exactly 90 years since she first sailed away from Ditchburn shipyard, time came to lend her a new lease of life. Restoring a classic yacht is a very exiting but daunting project as success not only resides in the quality of materials used, but in the craftsmanship and expertise of the shipwrights involved.

FAIR LADY has now been moved to the premises of Loyalist Cove Marina, near Bath, Ontario, where she will be completely recommissioned, from keel to decks, hopefully in time for her 91st birthday in July 2020!


This is how she looks to date. The complete restoration will be monitored on a special page here.

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